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Life at Materials Science & Engineering

Students at Lehigh, both undergraduate and graduate, seem to agree that life at Lehigh is great. The atmosphere on campus is one of sharing and collaboration. We believe that Lehigh is the ideal size: we are big enough to do world class research but small enough that we interact and cooperate across campus. Students get to know and interact with students, not just in their own discipline, but also across all fields of academic endeavor.

This applies to the whole campus but we believe that the Department of Materials and Engineering is a particularly good place to work. Students in the Department get to know professors personally, and feel very comfortable with them. One example of this is that, throughout the year, there are a series of social events for professors and students together. Picnics in the Spring, gatherings in the Fall, and early in the new year we hold a banquet attended by all members of the Department (Faculty, students and staff). After the dinner, the professors get up and do a skit in which they mock the students and then the students get up and do skits in which they are very rude about the professors - making ruthless fun of our weaknesses.