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MS/ME in Materials Science

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers two degrees at the master's level:

  • Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (M.S.)
  • Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering (M.E.)

Both degrees typically take up to about two years of full-time work and consist mostly of course work.

The M.S. degree generally requires a thesis, but this is based on much less research than the thesis for a Ph.D.

The M.E. degree is generally based solely on course work.

Both degrees require the completion of 30 credit hours of study. There is no specific program for these degrees. Each student organizes a program to match his or her interests with the help of a faculty advisor. However, for both the M.S. and M.E. degrees, students must complete three "foundation" courses. The other 21 credits are selected to match the student's goals from a wide range of courses. In the case of M.E. students, all of these 21 credits are earned in coursework. In the case of M.S. students, 15 credits are from coursework and six from research contributing to the thesis.

Many students who go on to work for a Ph.D. start by getting a master's degree.

Students who seek admission to a master's program with the intention of going on to a Ph.D. should follow admissions procedures for the Ph.D. program.