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Richard P. Vinci News

Investigating fracture behavior of nanocrystalline Ni-W thin-films
(January 8, 2016) Researchers reveals how annealing temperature will influence the microstructure evolution and the fracture properties of Ni-W alloys.

Vinci featured in MRS profile
(September 13, 2015) Vinci was featured in a Materials Research Society (MRS) faculty profile.

Vinci and Chan awarded NSF grant
(July 29, 2015) Researchers Helen Chan and Richard Vinci are awarded an NSF grant to study the mechanical behavior of inorganic composites.

Lehigh Nanoresearch: Microscale discovery, macroscale results
(October 16, 2014) Researchers Vinci and Tansu discuss their respective centers and opportunities for collaboration.

Connecting fractures to impurities
(April 7, 2014) Richard P. Vinci and his group are testing the toughness of very small amounts of metal and ceramics and finding some surprising insights.

Microsystems for harsh environment testing
(February 10, 2009) Research aims to develop a MEMS-based methodology for evaluating time-dependent mechanical properties of materials that undergo exposure to extreme environments.

Samurai swords: Ancient metals technology
(July 21, 2008) Vinci is interviewed at PBS about the elemental mixtures in samurai swords and their excellent representation of metals engineering.


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