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Andrey N. Soukhojak

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Phone: (610) 758-4425




Dr. Soukhojak joined the Lehigh University faculty in 2002 after receiving PhD from MIT.

His research interests include processing and physical properties of ceramics; microstructure-properties relationship in inorganic materials; design, synthesis and characterization of nonlinear, especially ferroelectric and electromechanically active materials; modeling of time dependent response of active materials; optical and electron microscopy of materials. Main theme of Dr. Soukhojak's graduate research was understanding and development of lead-free high strain actuation materials based on a relaxor ferroelectric sodium bismuth titanate enabling active in-flight control of helicopter rotorblade geometry, active noise suppression in aircrafts, large bandwidth medical ultrasound scanners, compact high sensitivity sonars and other advanced electromechanical transducers.