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Alan W. Pense Publications

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Sause, R, and Pense, A.W., "Cost Effective Bridge Design Using High Performance Steels", International Symposium on Steel for Fabricated Structures, Conference Proceedings, ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio, 1999, pp 3-10

Fisher, J.W., Kaufmann. E. J., and Pense, A.W., "Effect of Corrosion on Crack Development and Fatigue Life," Transportation Research Record No. 1624, Structural Analysis and Design , January, 1998, pp.110-117

Xu, P., Somers, B. R., and Pense, A. W., "Vanadium and Columbium Additions in Pressure-Vessel Steels," Welding Research Council Bulletin 395, September 1994, p 1-59.

Somers, B. R., and Pense, A. W., "Welding Failure Analysis," Materials Characterization V33, p. 295-309 (1994).

Henkel, D. P., and Pense, A. W., "The Combined Effects of Notches and Microstructure on the Performance of Medium Carbon Steel Breakaway Couplings," Trans ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, V116, p. 81-89 (1994).

Varughese, R. and Pense, A. W., "Microstructural Development in the Coarse-Grained Heat-Affected Zone in Titanium-Vanadium Microalloyed HSLA Steels," Materials Characterization, V30, p. 35-42 (1993).

Pense, A. W., "Analysis of Preservice Cracking in A Large Bridge Structure", Materials Characterization, V26, p. 225-234, (1991).

Book and Handbook Chapters

"Steel Structures", Chapter 11, with J. W. Fisher, Forensic Structural Engineering Handbook, Edited by R.A. Ratay, McGraw-Hill, 2000

Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials, 5th Edition, with D. P. Henkel, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2002.

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