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Raymond A. Pearson Publications

Selected recent publications

T. Gomez-del Ro, J. Rodriguez and R. A. Pearson, “Compressive properties of nanoparticle modified epoxy resin at different strain rates,” Composites Part B: Engineering, 57 (2014) 173-179.

D.J. Bray , P. Dittanet F.J. Guild, A.J. Kinloch, K. Masania, R.A. Pearson, A.C. Taylor, “The modelling of the toughening of epoxy polymers via silica nanoparticles: The effects of volume fraction and particle size” Polymer, 54 (2013) 7022–7032.

Thompson VP, Watson TF, Marshall GW Jr, Blackman BR, Stansbury JW, Schadler LS, Pearson RA, Libanori R., “Outside-the-(Cavity-prep)-Box Thinking,” Adv Dent Res., 25(2013) 24-32.

P.J. Brigandi, J. M. Cogen, R.A. Pearson, “Electrically Conductive Multiphase Polymer Blend Carbon-Based Composites,” Polym. Eng. & Sci., 53 (2013) 1-16.

P. Dittanet and R. A. Pearson, “Effect of bimodal particle size distributions on the toughening mechanisms in silica nanoparticle filled epoxy resin,” Polymer, 54 (2013) 1832-1835.

P. Dittanet and R. A. Pearson, “Effect of silica nanoparticle size on toughening mechanisms of filled epoxy,” Polymer 53 (2012) 1890-1905.

Israd H. Jaafar, Mohamed M. Ammar , Sabrina S. Jedlicka , Raymond A. Pearson, John P. Coulter, “Spectroscopic evaluation, thermal, and thermomechanical characterization of poly(glycerol-sebacate) with variations in curing temperatures and durations,” J Mater Sci (2010) 45:2525–2529.

Y.L. Liang and R.A. Pearson, “The toughening mechanism in hybrid epoxy-silica-rubber nanocomposites (HESRNs), Polymer, 51 (2010) 4880-4890.

Bagheri, R., Marouf, B. T. and Pearson, R. A. “Rubber-Toughened Epoxies: A Critical Review,” Polymer Reviews, 49: 3 (2009), 201–225.

Y.L. Liang and R.A. Pearson, “Toughening mechanisms in epoxy–silica nanocomposites (ESNs),” Polymer, 50 (2009) 4895–4905.

B.T. Marouf, R. A. Pearson and R. Bagheri, “Anomalous fracture behavior in an epoxy-based hybrid composite,” Materials Science and Engineering A 515 (2009) 49–58.

Bahereh T. Marouf, Raymond A. Pearson and Reza Bagheri, “Observation of two a-relaxation peaks in a nanoclay-filled epoxy compound,” J Mater Sci, 43 (2008) 6992–6997.

Robert K. Oldak and Raymond A. Pearson, "Evaluation of infrared spectroscopic techniques to determine the Drago constants of a cycloaliphatic epoxy,” J. Adhesion Sci. Technol., 21 (2007) 775–793.

Ryan Hydro and Raymond A. Pearson, "Epoxies Toughened With Triblock Copolymers,” Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 45 (2007) 1470-1481.

P. Hoontrakul and R. A. Pearson,” Surface reactivity of polyimide and its effect on adhesion to epoxy,” J. Adhesion Sci. Technol., 20 (2006) 1905–1928.

Brian J. McAdams and Raymond A Pearson, “Studies on the Disbonding Initiation of Interfacial Cracks”, Sandia Report SAND2005-4749 unlimited release, August 2005.

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