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Raymond A. Pearson

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Phone: (610) 758-3857




Director of the Center for Polymer Science and Engineering

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Raymond A. Pearson joined the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University in August of 1990 after obtaining his doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan. Prior to graduate school, Ray had worked for seven years ith General Electric Company: from 1980-1984 as an associate staff member at GE's Corporate Research and Development Center in Schenectady, New York and from 1984-1987 as a materials specialist at GEPE's Product Technology Center in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. At Lehigh University, Ray is the Director of the Center for Polymer Science and Engineering, Director of the Microelectronic Packaging Materials Lab, and is the Thrust Leader of the Optoelectronic Packaging group. Ray's research interests include all aspects of processing, deformation, yield, and fracture of polymers as well as adhesion and processing of polymers for microelectronic packaging.