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Michael R. Notis Research

Professor Michael Notis and his research group perform research related to phase transformations, phase equilibria, mass transport, microchemical and microstructural characterization of metal and ceramic materials. He is currently studying microstructure development in ternary eutectic and quasi-peritectic systems, focusing on the effects of surface energy on morphology.

Research on ternary and quaternarnary eutectics extends to the study of Pb-free solders such as the Ag-Cu-Sn system,and Au-Sn solder reactions with Pt, Pd and Ni for optoelectronics packaging applications.

Professor Notis maintains a strong interest in the history of materials technology and in the laboratory study of ancient art and archaeological artifacts (archaeometallurgy). He has pioneered the application of electron optical and analytical methods to study diffusion and precipitation in ancient metals in order to examine growth conditions not obtainable in a laboratory time frame. If you are interested in this area of work click on

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