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Wojciech Z. Misiolek Research

The main objective of the cross-disciplinary process engineering studies, which are conducted in the Institute for Metal Forming (IMF), is to better understand and control deformation, powder metallurgy and machining processes.  By understanding a process parameters’ influence on the resulting microstructure we can obtain optimized physical properties for a broad variety of structural and bio-material applications.  The common theme of these studies is to develop characterization techniques for microstructure evolution in different materials during forming and processing. These scientific challenges are being addressed by the use of various physical and numerical modeling procedures in conjunction with state of the art materials characterization techniques. Graduate students mainly from the Materials Science and Engineering as well as Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Departments perform research at the IMF.  The IMF collaborates with several research institutions in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania allowing research staff  many interesting bilateral visits. 

The laser cut Nitinol stent exhibits microstructure gradients as a result of processing and requires complex material characterization techniques for its analysis.

nanoporous alumina filter

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