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Arnold R. Marder

Marder photo

Phone: (610) 758-4197



PhD, Lehigh University 1968

BS, MS, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1962, 1965

After 25 years in industrial research, Prof. A.R. Marder came to Lehigh in 1986 to teach and conduct research in the area of processing-structure-property relationships in materials. His current efforts focus on microstructural and properties characterization of alloys for high temperature applications as well as coatings for and corrosion protection. His research on coatings involves a range of materials and processing techniques including electrodeposited metal and ceramic coatings, thermal spray cermet coatings, zinc alloy hot-dip coatings, diffusion coatings and weld overlay coatings. Dr. Marder has co-authored over 175 technical papers, edited three books, received 20 U.S.and foreign patents and has been elected as a Fellow of the ASM International. He is amember of TMS, ASMI, AWS, NACE, IMS and ASTM and teaches courses inprocessing, design and phase transformations. Since 1987, Dr. Marder has been the Associate Director of the Energy Research Center, with responsibility for all energy related materials research.