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Christopher J. Kiely Research

Professor Kiely's research interests revolve around the development and application of transmission electron microscopy techniques for the study of nanoscale features in materials. His group uses characterization techniques such as high-resolution electron microscopy (HREM), convergent beam electron diffraction (CBED), and aberration corrected analytical electron microscopy (STEM) to address problems of particular relevance to both industrial and university based materials producers. Areas of special interest include catalyst materials, nanoparticle self-assembly, carbonaceous materials, and heteroepitaxial interface structures. He is also utilizes X-ray ultramicroscopy (XuM) imaging within an SEM for the analysis of particulate matter.

Dr. Kiely is a recognized leader in the area of catalyst material characterization and has a long established research collaboration with Professor G.J. Hutchings (University of Cardiff) on supported Au-based catalysts and complex mixed oxide (e.g. VPO, VMgO) catalysts. He also works on the characterization of supported oxide catalysts. Dr Kiely is developing new aberration corrected STEM imaging and spectroscopy techniques for the analysis of supported bimetallic and supported oxide catalysts.

Dr. Kiely's research group has also long been at the vanguard of developments in the highly competitive area of nanoparticle self-assembly by creating the first 'true' ordered colloidal nanoalloy using gold and silver particles. The methods used to achieve such ordering are currently being extended to create new classes of functional nanocomposite materials comprising complex arrays of mixtures of metallic, semiconducting, insulating, magnetic and fullerene type nanoparticles.

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