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Sabrina Jedlicka Research

Professor Jedlicka’s research revolves around biologically functional material design for use in cell based therapeutics and drug delivery.  Biologically functional materials provide the ability to manipulate the direct extracellular environment surrounding cells; influencing their fate and differentiation path.  In addition, engineering materials that can be directed using native biological signaling pathways provides a means to direct drug delivery into the central and peripheral nervous system. The ability to engineer the interface between the cells and growth environment allows for a repeatable, stable means of directing cells down a specific development path determined by endogenous signaling pathways. The ability to develop a homogenous, directed cell population has implications in stem cell research, regenerative medicine, cell-based devices and biosensing technology.  She is interested in development of novel materials, modification of existing platforms, and translation of traditional materials science characterization tools into the biological and organic environments.  In addition to materials design and fundamental characterization, Dr. Jedlicka is interested in biomolecule:material interactions, specifically related to biophysics and modeling.

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