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Sabrina Jedlicka Publications

Jedlicka, Sabrina S., Zemlyanov, Dmitry, Rickus, Jenna L.  (2007) “Surface analysis by XPS of sol-gels modified with covalently bound peptides.” Journal of Physical Chemistry B (accepted).

Jedlicka, Sabrina S.,  Little, Kenneth M.*, Nivens, David E., Rickus, Jenna L. (2007) “Peptide ormosils as cellular substrates”. Journal of Materials Chemistry (accepted).

Hassell, Travis J., Jedlicka, Sabrina S., Rickus, Jenna L., Irazoqui, Pedro P. (submitted, 2007) “Constant-current adjustable waveform microstimulator for an implantable bi-modal output hybrid neural prosthetic.” 29th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Proceedings (accepted), August 2007, Lyon, France.

Jedlicka, Sabrina S., Leavesley, Silas J., Little, Kenneth M., Robinson, J. Paul, Nivens, David E., Rickus, Jenna L. (2007) “A strong interaction between chemical functionality and nanoscale surface topography impacts fibronectin conformation and neuronal differentiation on model sol-gel silica substrates.” Materials Research Society Proceedings, Symposium D, Fall Meeting 2006, Boston, MA.

Jedlicka, Sabrina S., McKenzie, Janice L., Leavesley, Silas J., Little, Kenneth M.*, Webster, Thomas J., Robinson, J. Paul, Nivens, David E., Rickus, Jenna L. (2006)  “Sol-gel derived materials as substrates for neuronal differentiation: Effects of surface features and protein conformation.” Journal of Materials Chemistry 16: 3221-3230.

Zhao, J., Jedlicka, S., Bhunia A.K., Rickus, J.L. (2006) “Liposome-doped nanocomposites as artificial cell based biosensors: Detection of Listeriolysin O.” Biotechnology Progress 22: 32-37.

Weaver, A.D., Jedlicka, S.S., Rickus, J.L., Bowker, B.C., Gerrard, D.E. (2006) “Sol-gel immobilized luciferase-based ATP biosensor for meat quality determination in postmortem pig muscle.” International Congress of Meat Science and Technology Proceedings.  279-280.

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