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Himanshu Jain Research

Dr. Jain introduced glass research and established Lehigh as a key international institution in this field of materials, following the strategy of innovation through collaboration, and new functionality through fundamentals. Accordingly, his group investigates, in collaboration with several groups across the globe, various aspects of the structure, properties, and processing of glass for developing their new applications. Topics include:

  • Laser fabrication of 1D, 2D and 3D single crystal architecture in glass
  • Human cell-glass interactions
  • Nano-macro porous glass and glass-ceramics bioscaffolds for bone and dental tissue regeneration
  • Light and electric field-induced novel phenomena and their applications in device fabrication
  • Glasses for IR biosensors, photo- and nano-lithography, photonics
  • Tailored transparent ferroelectric nano-composites
  • Point defects, electrical relaxation, conductivity and dielectric properties of amorphous and crystalline ceramics
  • Surface conduction
  • Mechanisms of diffusion and nuclear spin relaxation in glasses
  • Effect of radiation on transport properties
  • Liquid phase sintering
  • Processing of materials for optical applications
  • Corrosion of glass in relation to manufacturing and nuclear waste disposal

Ferroelectric single crystal micro-architecture ‘laser fabricated’ in glass.

For superior replacement of diseased bone a glass mimicking the natural structure is fabricated with bimodal nano-macro porosity: (a) Macro Pores ~100's of µm. (b) Nano pores(~5-7 nm) in the same sample, seen at higher magnification.

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