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Himanshu Jain

Phone: 610-758-4217




International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass

Research Interests

Himanshu Jain is the T.L. Diamond Distinguished Chair in Engineering and Applied Science, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Director of NSF's International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass. After receiving a from Columbia University in 1979, he conducted research at Argonne and Brookhaven National Laboratories. Then starting at Lehigh in 1985, he has introduced new courses on Dielectrics, Glasses, and Biomaterials, and previously he taught a graduate course on ceramics at Columbia University. He is a recipient of the Otto Schott Research international prize, Zachariasen international award for outstanding contribution to glass research, Fulbright Fellowship for lecturing and research at Cambridge and Aberdeen in UK, and a Humboldt Fellowship for research in Germany. An author of over 280 publications and two patents, and a Principal Editor of Journal of Materials Research, he is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. He maintains active collaborations with institutions in over 10 countries. This goes well with him as he enjoys visiting new places in his spare time. His research interests include: Functionality in glass through fundamentals. Nano-macro porous glass for bone-scaffolds. Light-induced phenomena in glass. Glasses for IR biosensors, photo- and nano-lithography, photonics. Tailored transparent ferroelectric nano-composites. Surface conduction. Point defects, electrical relaxation, conductivity and dielectric properties of amorphous and crystalline ceramics.