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Alwyn Eades Publications

Some recent publications:

'The Symmetry of Electron Diffraction Zone Axis Patterns'
B.F. Buxton, J.A. Eades, J.W. Steeds and G.M. Rackham
Phil. Trans. (1976) A281, 171-194.

'Zone-axis Patterns in Reflection High-energy Electron Diffraction:  A Family of New Techniques for Surface Characterization'
M. D. Shannon, J. A. Eades, M. E. Miechle and P. S. Turner
Ultramicroscopy 16, (1985) 175-192.

'Skew Thoughts on Parallelism'
K. K. Christenson and J. A. Eades
Ultramicroscopy 26 (1988) 113-132

'Symmetry Determination by Convergent-beam Diffraction'
J. A. Eades
EUREM 88; IOP Conf. Series 93 (1988) Vol. 1, 3-12

'Glide Planes and Screw Axes in Convergent-beam Diffraction:  The Standard Procedure'
J. A. Eades
Microbeam Analysis 1988 (D. E. Newbury Ed.) (1988) 75-80

Convergent-Beam Diffraction
J. A. Eades
A chapter in "Electron Diffraction Techniques Volume 1", ed. J. M.
Cowley, International Union of Crystallography and Oxford
University Press(Oxford) 1992 pp 313-359

Dynamical Analysis of a RHEED Pattern From the Si(111)-7x7 Surface
Y. Ma, S. Lordi, and J.A. Eades
Surface Science 313 (1994) 317-334

Use of Reciprocal Lattice Layer Spacing in Electron Backscatter Diffraction Pattern Analysis
J. R. Michael and J. A. Eades
Ultramicroscopy 81 (2000) 67-81

Structural Variants in Heteroepitaxial Growth
C. P. Flynn and J. A. Eades
Thin Solid Films 389 (2001) 116-137

Measurement and Mapping of Small Changes of Crystal Orientation by Electron Backscattering Diffraction
X. Tao and A. Eades
Microscopy and Microanalysis   11 (2005)  341-353

Errors, Artifacts and Improvements in EBSD Processing and Mapping
X. Tao and A. Eades
Microscopy and Microanalysis  11  (2005)  79-87

Obtaining TEM images with a uniform deviation parameter
Alwyn Eades
Ultramicroscopy  106 (2006) 432-438

Fluorescence Yields: A New Parameterization
J. A. Eades and D. C. Joy
Acta Microscopica 16 (2007) 1-7

Energy filtering in EBSD
Alwyn Eades, Andrew Deal, Abhishek Bhattacharyya and Tejpal Hooghan.
A chapter in:   Electron Backscatter Diffraction in Materials Science
Eds. Adam J. Schwartz,  Mukul Kumar, Brent L. Adams and David P.
Field  Springer (2009)

Convergent-Beam Diffraction:  Symmetry and Large-Angle Patterns
Alwyn Eades
A chapter in: Williams and Carter second edition, supplemental volume.
in press

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