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Robert Hamlin - Bio

Robert of house Hamlin, the first of his name, is from Jonesville, Vermont. He is the son of Arthur and Mary and the younger brother of John and Chris. He attended Lehigh University in the fall of 2008 to wrestle and study Materials Science and Engineering. Robert started for the Lehigh wrestling team for four years and was a captain for three. He received his Bachelor of Science degree and was awarded the Lehigh University Scholar-Athlete of the year award in May of 2013. He then joined the engineering metallurgy group at Lehigh University to continue his studies in materials science and engineering working under Dr. John N. DuPont. Robert received his Master of Science degree and published his thesis on the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of the simulated heat affected zone in cast precipitation hardened stainless steels 17-4 and 13-8+Mo in May of 2015. He is currently continuing his research on welding of precipitation hardened stainless steels as he pursues a Doctor of Philosophy degree in materials science and engineering. His hobbies include volunteering for the Lehigh wrestling program and competing for the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club. He also enjoys running, biking, hiking and spending time outside.


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