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Polymer Characterization

High Resolution Thermogravometric Analyzer (TGA): 
Measures weight loss/gain as a function of temperature; Looks for volatiles; -60° to 600°C

Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC): 
Measures heat flow and characterizes material transitions; Cures reactions of various thermosetting materials; -90° to 400° C; System uses an intercooler to reach lower temperatures

Rheometrics ARES System (DMA): 
Used for characterizing viscoelastic solids and liquids. Performs torsion tests under dynamic, static, or steady state modes. Used to characterize shear viscosity and shear modulus as a function of temperature, frequency or strain rate; -150° to 400° C

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA): 
Same as ARES but for viscoelastic solids only and operates in bending; 25° to 400° C

Thermo-mechanical Analyzer (TMA): 
Used to measure thermal expansion and contraction; -150° to 400° C

HS1000 HiSpeed Scanning Acoustic Microscope: 
Pulse-echo and thru-transmission scans; used to detect interfacial debonding

Flow Microcalorimeter (FMC): 
Measures heat and solution concentration; used to determine the heat of adsorption of molecules onto surfaces

FTIR Spectrometer(ATR and transmission): 
Measures transmittance as a function of infrared wavelength; used to identify unknown materials; study cure reactions

Ramé-Hart Contact Angle Goniometer:
Measures contact angle of liquids on polymeric surfaces