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"A Consolidated Resource for What the Mac User at Lehigh Needs to Know"

The purpose of this web site is to help those who prefer Mac OS X to obtain the most from centralized information resources at Lehigh, many of which are provided within the context of computing environments designed predominantly for Windows.

Many of the functions and tools that people use on a daily basis (email, web browsing, word processing) are just about the same on the Mac as they are on Windows! Some functions that are performed in one way on Windows, may simply be performed in a slightly different way on Mac OS X (many say easier!) There are of course a few things that are best done on a Windows PC, and Lehigh-specific examples of those are provided, as well as how best to run Windows on a Mac.

If you're interested in purchasing a new Mac or need to arrange for Mac repairs, links to those resources are provided at left. If you're new to the Mac and need to know the basics, you should review the Mac101 online courses on Apple's web site. Switching from Windows to the Mac? Apple's switch site is a great resource, as is the book by David Pogue "Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition" (link to Amazon.com) which explains Mac OS X functions using familiar Windows terminology.

Finally we'll explain where to get help and additional information, how to connect with other Mac users on campus, and how to provide feedback and suggestions about this resource.