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Leslie Hunter Whitten, Jr. Papers

Held by Special Collections, Linderman Library
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015

Call No.: SC MS 007
128 boxes, 45.8 linear feet

A collection of papers beginning in 1934, including articles, clippings, research materialsas well as publications of Leslie Hunter Whitten, Jr., Lehigh Class of 1950. The materialis divided into three series: (1) Whitten's personal life, beginning with his growing up years into the present; (2) material connected with his books, poetry and short stories including research, typed and manuscript copies; (3) material from his years as a journalist with the Washington Post for the Hearst newspapers, for Jack Anderson and the "Washington Merry-Go-Round" column, and others. This section includes a great deal of research material loosely sorted in the same general headings as he saved it, and a complete set of "Merry-Go-Round" columns from October 1969 through December 1977, the period of time he was employed full time by Jack Anderson.


This series includes family correspondence, early school report cards, many photographs, articles, reviews of his books, scrapbooks of articles he wrote, and other miscellaneous personal material from Whitten's youth up to the present time.


This series includes research material, drafts, typescripts and galleys, mostly of Whitten's novels, but including some short stories and poetry, arranged in publication order.

               Progeny of the Adder     1965
               Terror at Morning Tide   1966
               Moon of the Wolf         1967
               Pinion, the Golden Eagle 1968
               Abyss (Baudelaire translations)1970
               F. Lee Bailey            1971
               The Alchemist            1973
               Conflict of Interest     1976
               Sometimes A Hero         1979
               Washington Cycle (poems) 1979
               A Killing Pace           1983
               A Day Without Sunshine   1985
               Fighting Violent Crime in America1985
               Short Stories
               The Last Disciple        1990



This material is mostly clippings of articles Whitten wrote for the Heart newspapers, plus some research material he saved.


This material includes many documents listed under the same headings used by Whitten, plus a complete set of "Merry-Go-Round" columns written during the years that he was employed by Jack Anderson. Categories include Accuracy in Media; American Association of Retired Persons; Banks; Consumers; Animals; Crime; Department of Defense; Drugs; Energy; Farms; Guns; Foreign; Health; Indians; Insurance; Intelligence Agencies; Oil; Patents; Payola; Pensions; Payoffs; People; Politics; Pollution; Power; Prisons; Radiation; Religion; Stocks; Smithsonian Institution; Miscellaneous; and Whitten.

Series I; PERSONAL (Boxes 1 to 5; 101 to 103; and 115-116:)

Box 1: Youth

Box 2: 1950's

Box 3: Personal and Photos

Box 4: Personal

Box 5: Articles and Mentions


Box 6: Unfinished "First Novel"

Box 7: Progeny of the Adder

Box 8: Terror at Morning Tide

Box 9: Terror at Morning Tide
(Three early manuscripts of Terror at Morning Tide.)

Box 10: Moon of the Wolf

Box 11: Moon of the Wolf
(This story became Moon of the Wolf.)

Box 12: Pinion, the Golden Eagle

Box 13: Abyss (Baudelaire) Poetry

Box 14: F. Lee Bailey
(These are original research files as Whitten kept them, using his headings.) (2 boxes).

Box 15: F. Lee Bailey

Box 16: F. Lee Bailey

Box 17: F. Lee Bailey

Box 18: F. Lee Bailey

Box 19: The Alchemist
(Early titles for The Alchemist).

Box 20: The Alchemist

Box 21: The Alchemist

Box 22: The Alchemist

Box 23: The Alchemist

Box 24: The Alchemist

Box 25: The Alchemist

Box 26: The Alchemist

Box 27: Conflict of Interest
(This is the first title of Conflict of Interest.).

Box 28: Conflict of Interest

Box 29: Conflict of Interest

Box 30: Conflict of Interest

Box 31: Sometimes A Hero
(The first title of Sometimes A Hero.)

Box 32: Sometimes A Hero

Box 33: Sometimes A Hero

Box 34: Sometimes A Hero

Box 35: Sometimes A Hero

Box 36: A Killing Pace

Box 37: A Killing Pace

Box 38: A Day Without Sunshine

Box 39: A Day Without Sunshine

Box 40: A Day Without Sunshine

Box 41: Fighting Violent Crime in America
(According to Whitten, although this book's author is given as Ronald S. Lauder, much of it was written by Les Whitten, and he was paid $32,000 for the writing that he did.)

Box 42: Fighting Violent Crime

Box 43: Reviews and Promotions of Books and Short Stories

Box 44: Short Stories and Articles

Box 45: empty for later material

Box 46: Poems

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