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Percy Hughes
Publications and Papers

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“Percy Hughes Publications and Papers (1872-1952)” collection contains photographs, correspondence, family documents, memorabilia, newspaper clippings,  books and academic articles, and reprints on Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Higher Education, Sports Education, and Lehigh University by Percy Hughes who was a Lehigh professor and taught Philosophy, Psychology and Education, and was a lifelong friend of John Dewey.
The collection was researched, compiled and organized by Elizabeth Hughes Clark, daughter of Percy Hughes, who also wrote content notes on the material, a personal memoire and a biography of Percy Hughes. These writings also added to the collection.
The collection was donated to Lehigh University Special Collection by Elizabeth Hughes Clark in 2006 and rearranged by Special Collections staff in series in 2008.


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Percy Hughes
Elizabeth Hughes Clark

Percy Hughes: Publications and Papers (1872-1947)

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Biographical Note
Percy Hughes (1872-1952) was born in Peshawar, British India to Anglican missionary parents. He then was taken to London, England at the age of three where he went to Christ’s Hospital School, known as the Blue Coat School and in 1888 with his family came to New York City where his father became an Episcopal clergyman. In New York City, he worked as a clerk and attended Teachers College at Columbia University. He left Columbia University to complete his senior year at Alfred College and to accompany his sister who was already in there. After earning his A.B. from Alfred College, the President of the college asked him to teach a course in Philosophy there. He then went back to Columbia University, studied under John Dewey and earned his an MA and Ph.D. there. From then on, Hughes and John Dewey became lifelong friends.

In 1907, Hughes came to Lehigh University as an assistant professor of Philosophy, Education and Psychology. In 1909 he became full professor. From 1909 to 1942 to his retirement, Hughes periodically was in charge of education – both extension and summer session courses – and taught psychology and philosophy, and became the Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, Psychology and Education and then the Clara H. Stewardson Professor of Philosophy. He published numerous works on Philosophy, Psychology, Education and Sports education, and was involved in extra curricular activities and sport, especially soccer. Hughes played and instrumental role in shaping the College of Education: first as a department, then a School, and finally, since 1985, one of the University’s four Colleges.

The collection was compiled and donated by Elizabeth Hughes Clark, professor emerita of sociology at Arcadia (a.k.a. Beaver) College, who researched, in 2001-2002, Lehigh archives in Special Collections to find facts related to her father’s years. She compiled and arranged his publications, correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs and other materials and then donated to Special Collections. Elizabeth Hughes Clark’s personal memoir and biography of Percy Hughes added to this collection too.

Scope and Content Note
“Percy Hughes Publications and Papers (1872-1952)” collection contains photographs, correspondence, family documents, memorabilia, newspaper clippings,  books and academic articles, and reprints on Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Higher Education, Sports Education, and Lehigh University by Percy Hughes who was a Lehigh professor and taught Philosophy, Psychology and Education, and was a lifelong friend of John Dewey.
The collection was researched, compiled and organized by Elizabeth Hughes Clark, daughter of Percy Hughes, who also wrote content notes on the material, a personal memoire and a biography of Percy Hughes. These writings also added to the collection.
The collection was donated to Lehigh University Special Collection by Elizabeth Hughes Clark in 2006 and rearranged by Special Collections staff in series in 2008.

Organization of the Content
Content of this collection organized by chronologically.

Online Catalog Terms
Hughes, Percy, 1872-1952.
Hughes, Thomas Patrick, 1838-1911.
Clark, Elizabeth Hughes.
Dewey, John, 1859-1952.
McConn, Charles Maxwell, $d 1881-
Okeson, W. R. (Walter Raleigh) 
Blake, Robert William, 1864-1921. 
Drinker, Henry Sturgis.
Beardslee, Claude.
Church Missionary Society.
Church of England.
Missionaries – Peshawar
All Saints’ Church – Peshawar, Pakistan
British India – Memories.
Alfred College, Hornell (NY)
Columbia University, Teachers College.
University of Minnesota.
Tulane University.
Bethlehem (Pa.) – History.
King’s Park, Suffolk County (Long Island, NY)
Glory Hill, Belvidere, NJ
Education, Higher.
Lehigh University. Robert Blake Society.
Lehigh University. College of Education.
Lehigh University. Dept. of Philosophy.
Lehigh University. Dept. Psychology.
Lehigh University – History.
Lehigh University. Summer Sessions.
The Psychological Review.
The Apollo Journal.
The Warren Journal.


Related Material
Photographs in Lehigh Photo Collection:

Detailed Description of Collection
Series I: Family and Personal
Series II: Before Lehigh University
Series III: Lehigh University
Series IV: Other correspondences
Series V: John Dewey
Series VI: Newspaper articles
Series VII: Scrapbooks
Series VIII: Publications


Series I: Family and Personal
Box 1

“A Very Personal Memoir of Percy Hughes” by Elizabeth Hughes Clark – 12 leaves (2006)

[Percy Hughes: Biography and Notes of His Papers] Elizabeth Hughes Clark – 57 pages (2006)

Baptism certificate, 1873. St. John’s Church, Peshawar.

Inkjet printer prints from the scans of the original documents:
An image showing Rev. Thomas Patrick Hughes in native clothes.

Portraits of Thomas Patrick Hughes and Eliza Lloyd Hughes

3 photographs. Early 1910s: Percy Hughes, Maude W. Hughes; Percy Hughes, Maude W. Hughes and Eliza Hughes; Percy Hughes, Alfred, Venn Hughes.

Portraits of May Evelyn Hughes and Maude Eliza Williams Hughes (1930s)

7 modern photographs of Christ’s Hospital School.

Letters related to family matters:
August 20, 1900 Thomas Patrick Hughes assigning Percy Hughes the executer of his will.

February 5, 1913 from Venn Hughes to Percy Hughes.

June 4, 1934 from Percy Hughes to Laurence M. Larson about 6 years old Elizabeth.

June 4, 1947 from Percy Hughes to Leonard 9H. Clark) son-in-law to be.


Series II: Before Lehigh University
Reference letters 1895-1906 when he was studying at Teachers College, Alfred University and Columbia University. (seven pieces)

Tulane University. 1907
Study of children in two schools in New Orleans.


Series III: Lehigh University
“Why Did You Choose Lehigh?” 2 leaves typed onionskin copy.

“Why men do or do not attend Lehigh?” 1907?
Study and survey.

H.S. Drinker Letters/Reports: 1907-1934
Letter from Drinker to Hughes regarding living in university rooms. Dated August 20, 1907.
Estimates for the Year 1907-1908 for the department: three notes from Hughes to Drinker
Letter from Drinker to Hughes dated November 20, 1916 re: salary.
Letters from Drinker to Hughes: Dec. 23, 1923 to Apr 24, 1934 re: meetings of the Blake Society and the Fullerton Society to which Hughes invited former President Drinker. Five handwritten letters in all.

Summer Sessions: Lehigh University, 1924
Two copies of meetings Hughes chaired on Summer Session in 1924. Hughes was on sabbatical in 1925 and there was no further information from Faculty or Committee meetings. For some years, he both built the summer session program and then chaired it but retained no papers in his own files. Dated June 4, 1924 and July 2, 1924. E. H. Clark made the copies in the Archives, LU.

Letters to and from Lehigh University Colleagues: 1925-1952
Letter from the Rt. Rev Ethelbert Talbot, Trustee May 30, 1925

Letter from C. R. Richards, President March 15, 1935 a response to Hughes letter of February 6, 1935.

Letter from F. Larkin re: the Ceremony of Commencement, December 6, 1938.

Letter from Lehigh Board of Trustees, October 14, 1942.

Letter from Lawrence Gipson, Head History Department, Date? Post 1938.

Letter from Garth Howland, Head: Fine Arts department November 26, 1943.

Letter from Howard Ziegler, Head: Philosophy Department July 18, 1950

Letter from Walter Okeson to Hughes on his being the Emeritus status by the Board of Trustees, Lehigh University. Dated October, 14, 1942.

Memorial Resolution from the Faculty to Mrs. Percy Hughes, Mr. Alfred Hughes and Mrs. Leonard Clark: June 2, 1952

Letter from John Tremper, Secretary Faculty, June 24, 1952

The Alumni Bulletin notice of Hughes’ death, June 1952
(Note: Every single printed reference to Hughes has some detail incorrect both in the Alumni Bulletin and in the Memorial Resolution. He did not retain the Stewardson Chair after being put on half-time in 1938.)

Pamphlet for Freshmen: 1929
Two letters regarding “Four Years at Lehigh” by Percy Hughes, 1929.

Letter to Hughes from Paul Titsworth, president of Washington College, MD. Dated February 5, 1930.

Letter to Hughes from Thomas Wood, Teachers College, Columbia University, Dated: June 27, 1930.

Forced Half-Time: 1937
Letter to Williams, president of Lehigh from Wm. Robbins Dean: Graduate School, University of Missouri, Dated June 4, 1937. He was also Class of 1910, Lehigh University (copy)

Letter to Robbins from C.C. Williams, president Lehigh University, June 9th, 1937 (copy)

Letter to Robbins from Percy Hughes. Dated May 7, 1937 (copy)

Letter to Montague, Columbia University from Hughes. Dated May 7, 1937. (Note: This period was one of considerable upset to Hughes and his family though never spoken about as a family. The family abruptly moved to their summer home in December 1937 to stop the economic hemorrhaging they were experiencing.)


Letters from Former Students 1938-1939
(The Robbins letter, 1937, is in the Forced retirement Section.)

Shang-Shoa Young letter to Hughes from Essen, Germany, Dated Oct. 22, 1938. (Note: There was a strong connection between China and Lehigh initiated by H.S. Drinker during his presidency and an active club on campus for Chinese students.

Parker Berg ‘35 letter to Hughes in 1939 when the dinner honoring Hughes was given. Dated May 8, 1939. (Note: Several students stayed in touch with Hughes but have no letters here. Two who come to mind are Frederick Pearson and Robert Heckert. Another was H. Roswell Davidson whose young family became close friends of Dr. and Mrs. Hughes. They stayed at Glory Hill frequently and are pictured in one of the pictures of the pond.)

Other Items:
Picture of Hughes probably when a doctoral student at Columbia University (transferred to photograph collection F8294)
Picture of Hughes copied from Lehigh publication by E. H. Clark
Picture of the Blake Society, Dated? probably the 1920s or 1930s in the Lehigh Yearbook. Copy made by E. H. Clark.
Picture of Hughes in 1937 at age 65.
Twenty-Five year Anniversary Listing: Lehigh Alumni Bulletin
Citation for meritorious Service, awarded Dr. Percy Hughes, 1944
Snap of Hughes at the 1950 Lehigh University Commencement Exercises, the last one he attended (transferred to photograph collection F8295)

Series IV: John Dewey
John Dewey Correspondence and other material – 1 (1918-1929)

John Dewey Correspondence and other material – 2 (1930-1944)

Saturday Review “John Dewey Issue” October 1949.


Series V: Other correspondence
Letter. February 20, 1921 from Henry Osborne Taylor to Percy Hughes

Letter from Wm. McAndrew: 1921
Board of Education, The City of New York, Dated May 14, 1921
Note: This may be part of Hughes’ bringing people to address his students at Lehigh University. Here the invitation is in Education.

McMurry: Teachers College, Columbia University 1923
Letter to Hughes from McMurry re: coming to Bethlehem. Dated March 27, 1923 Confirming letter to Hughes: Dated April 17, 1923.


Correspondence on Sports.
Letters on Sport to Hughes: 1923-1940
Thomas Wood, Chairman, Joint Committee on Health Problems in Education. Dated January 19, 1923

William Stecher, The Board of Public Education, Philadelphia, Dated March 14, 1923

Dr. Frederick Peterson, Dated September 25, no year.

Thomas Wood, Joint Committee on Health Problems in Education, Dated February 17th, 1938

Hughes to Thomas Wood, Dated February 28, 1938

Hughes to E.D.Mitchell, Dated February 28, 1938

E.D.Mitchell, The Journal of Health & Physical Education, Dated March 7, 1938

W.D. Wilcox, The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Dated April 12, 1938 and a handwritten letter Dated July 29, 1938.

E.A. Ross, University of Wisconsin, April 2, 1940.
Note: The letter from Ross has a P.H. note “I don’t know Ross but believe he is well known”.

Application for Membership in the American Psychological Association: 1929
Letter from Howard Warren, Dated December 14, 1929.
Letter from L. L. Thurstone. Dated April 8, 1929.

W.D. Ross correspondence, 1920-1939. 3 letters.

Letters from Woodbridge, Columbia and Ross of Oxford: 1927-1939
Woodbridge also wrote a 1906 letter of reference for Hughes.

Letter re: articles Hughes had sent to Woodbridge, Dated January 2, 1927.

Letter from Wm. Montague, Barnard College, Columbia University, Dated: Jan 16, 1937.

Letter to Woodbridge from Hughes on an issue in philosophy re: Ross of Oxford. Dated Feb 14, 1939.

Bryn Mawr and the Fullerton Philosophical Club: 1929-1939
Letter from Grace de Laguna, Dated October 31, 1929

Letter from Grace de Laguna, Dated Apr. 28, 1930

In Memory of Theodore de Laguna, Dated November l6, 1930.

Letter from Grace de Laguna, Dated June 4, 1939 with a note from Frank Becker, Acting Chair: Philosophy Department re: the honorary dinner that the Blake Society was giving Hughes.

Letters re: Department of Agriculture Conference of Philosophers, 1939
Letter from Carl Tausch to Hughes “happy he can attend the philosophers conference”, Dated March 1, 1939.

Letter from Carl Tausch, Chief, Program Study and Discussion Section, Division of Program Planning, at the Department of Agriculture. Dated March 11, 1939 (Note: Hughes discusses this in one of his columns in the country newspaper and it may not have been a delight to the administration or Trustees. The conference was on how to make rural life more important and fulfilling in America.)

Other correspondence, 1930s – 1940s
Separate letters from the 1930s and 1940s that are of import:
William Montague, Barnard College to Hughes Dated March 27, 1934. (Note: This is a candid description of a happening at the Hughes household when Montague stayed with us. Hughes was known to be abstemious and so Montague brought some refreshment in his luggage and it had spilled. Mrs. Hughes rectified the dress shirt with ease and with much industry.)

Letter to Hughes from C.H. Langford, Michigan. Dated Oct. 13, 1936.

Two letters to Schillp from Whitehead re: aspects of the publication of The Library of Living Philosopher volume on Whitehead for which Hughes wrote a chapter, “Is Whitehead’s Psychology Adequate”

Letter to Hughes on Hughes’ earlier letter from FSC Northrup, October 21, 1949.

Letter to Hughes from Arthur Lovejoy (Date?)


Series VI: Newspaper articles
Newspaper Articles about Hughes: 1910-1947
Hughes spoke at the graduation of Central High School, South Bethlehem, 1910. Bethlehem Globe Times.

(may be) Allentown Morning Call re: Hughes’ speech on Sports.

The Warren Journal, article on Hughes’ Glory Hill property bought in 1926 or 7, Dated May 13, 1938.

The Warren Journal, Thursday, October, 1946 (?)

The Washington Star article on pond and estate of Hughes, Dated August 28, 1947 Newark Evening Ledger obituary, April 24, 1952. (Note: Missing the N.Y. Times obituary put in the paper with incorrect data by Hughes’ youngest brother, Sidney. Also Bethlehem Globe Times article on Blake Society dinner with Dewey as speaker, June 4th 1939.

Columns: The Apollo Journal
Columns headed Editorial Views by Percy Hughes, Ph. D. Professor Emeritus, Lehigh University
The Religion of Sports
The Shortest Way with Defeated Enemies

8/10/44: Sermons and Statecraft

8/17/44: How Dangerous Is Truth?

8/24/44: How Far Have We Come?

10/12/44: Library Musings

10/19/44: More on Rural Schools

10/26/44: Public Libraries in Warren County

11/2/44: Public Libraries II

11/9/44: Empires

11/30/44: That Year in Public Service

1/11/45: Still Studying That Charter

1/18/45: Man and Woman

1/25/45: Media and Telling the Truth

2/1/45: F.D.R. Philosophizes Mexico Awakens

3/1/45: Another “Noble Experiment”

3/15/45: The Mentally Ill

3/22/45: News Vendors

4/19/45: On Understanding Nations

5/17/45: An Event in Warren County: Rural Life Sunday

6/14/45: More on Journalistic Ethics

1/2/1947: discusses several books published 1944, 1945, 1946 and much older dates.
Letter from the American Council for Judaism, David Goldberg: Assistant to Rabbi Elmer Berger, Executive Director, Philadelphia, PA.

Columns: Warren Journal
Columns headed The Book Shelf by Dr. Percy Hughes.

Thirteen weeks of columns are included in this group covering all sorts of books published nationally or simply in nearby counties such as Hunterdon County which had hired someone to bring the county’s history up to date. The subjects are wide-ranging from fiction to all sorts of non-fiction but primarily available in the county libraries. Dating these columns is impossible as there are no dates included in the cuttings with the exception of the last column, January 2, 1947.

Series VII: Scrapbooks
Scrapbook: 1895-1910

Scrapbook: 1944-1946
The Apollo Journal columns, clippings, etc.

Loose clippings and columns from Scrapbook 1944-1946

Box 3
Series VIII: Publications
Articles and books by Percy Hughes. In folders by decade.

Content note by Elizabeth Hughes Clark:
These articles are those that Percy Hughes himself kept over the years. There may have been many other articles and book reviews that he did not feel it necessary to keep or which may have been tossed out during the various moves from King’s Park, Long Island in the 1920s and the move to Glory Hill at Belvidere, New Jersey in the late 1930s. In between those dates are the annual pilgrimages from town to country that the family made each summer and on many weekends to one or the other of these properties.
The distinct breaks in this listing make me feel there are publications which may have been either tossed or not felt to be of compelling interest to him as he thought about his career. However, it is interesting that Hughes kept many of editorials he wrote. They were published in the weekly Warren Journal and The Apollo Journal from 1942 or 3 to 1946. These papers were published weekly in Belvidere, NJ, the county seat of Warren County, NJ. Alas, they were saved in such a way that they are frequently undated and will need considerable research in the paper’s morgue in The Washington Star, the paper that bought the Journal many years ago, if, indeed, that paper is still functional.
The articles that have reference to John Dewey probably should be highlighted in some way. They are, from this selection, Dewey’s introduction of Hughes’ trio of articles that appeared in The Journal of Philosophy,Vol. XXIV: ‘The Biotic Center of Psychology’, ‘The Theory and Practice of Psychology’, ‘The Normative in Psychology and Natural Science’, 1927; ‘Current Philosophical Problems’, in The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XXXIII, April 9, 1936; ‘Naturalists Old and New’, Papers in the Philosophy of Science, Lehigh University, The Institute of Research, July, 1935.)

“Methods of Testing Relative Pitch”, The Psychological Review, November, 1902. (Note: the pasted copy in a notebook kept by Hughes states he “failed to secure a copy of the magazine” thus no page references included.)

“Moral Feeling as a Basis of the Psychology of Morals”, The Psychological Review, November, 1903.

Review of “Historical Synthesis” an article by Fred Morrow Fling in American Historical `Review. The review appeared in The Journal of Philosophy Psychology and Scientific Methods, July, 1904. (p. 387)

The Concept Action in History and the Natural Sciences, The MacMillan Company, February, 1905.

“The Term Ego and the Term Self”, The Psychological Bulletin, September, 1906.

“Categories of the Self”, The Psychological Review, November, 1906. (Typescript)

The Personal and the Individual, Arthur Ernest Davies, reviewed in The Psychological Bulletin, February, 1907. (p.58)

“Concrete Conceptual Synthesis”, The Journal of Philosophy Psychology and Scientific Methods, November, 1907.

“Some Current Beliefs in the Light of Heraclitus’s Doctrine”, The Monist, April, 1909. (p.265)

“Some Current Beliefs in the Light of Heraclitus’s Doctrine”, The Monist, April, 1909.


“The Distinction between the Liberal and The Technical”, Popular Science Monthly, October, 1910.

“The Two Poles of the Philosophical Sphere”, The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods, November, 1916


“Emotionality in Athletics”, American Physical Education Review, November, 1923. (p.27)
Introduction to Psychology, Part I, 1926. (Experimental edition, paper bound, signed and desk copy with bibliography, Bethlehem Printing Company)

Introduction to Psychology: From the Standpoint of Life-Career, Part II, 1926

“Upon Introducing Psychology”, December, 1927.

An Introduction to Psychology, Second Edition, 1928.

“The Biotic Center of Psychology”, The Journal of Philosophy, February, 1927

“Theory and Practice of Psychology”, The Journal of Philosophy, March, 1927

“The Normative in Psychology and Natural Science”, The Journal of Philosophy, March, 1927.

The Center, Structure and Function of Psychology, with an introduction by John Dewey, reprinted from The Journal of Philosophy. (Desk signed copy)

“Cooperation or Conflict in the Study of Learning”, The Psychological Review, July, 1930.

“Forms of Generalization, and their Causes”, The Journal of Philosophy, May, 1930.

“Naturalists Old and New”, Papers in the Philosophy of Science, The Institute of Research, July, 1935.

“Current Philosophic Problems”, The Journal of Philosophy, April, 1936.

“How Philosophers Analyze a Current Problem” in The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XXXIII, No.20, Sept. 24, 1936

“Churches”, The Review of Religion, November, 1936.

Old and New in Papers in Philosophy of Science, Vol. Ix, No. 7, July 1936

“Sport: A Discussion”, The International Journal of Ethics, July, 1937.

“Involvement and Implication”, The Philosophical Review, May, 1938.

“The Technique of Philosophic Observation”, The Journal of Philosophy, May, 1938.

“The Technique of Philosophic Explanation”, The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XXXVI, No. 24, November 23, 1939, pp.645-656.

“Comments and Criticisms” of “Elements of Unintelligibility in Whitehead’s Metaphysics” by Dr. Wm. Urban, Yale University, The Journal of Philosophy, February, 1939. (p.103)

Book review: Symbolism and Belief, by Edwyn Bevan, The MacMillan Company, New York, 1938 in The Review of Religion, Vol. III, No. 4, May 1939, pp. 487-491.

“The Ceremony of Commencement” addressed to President C.C. Williams, 2 pages undated and not used for 75th Anniversary Booklet.


“Sports in the Nation”, The Journal of Social Philosophy, April, 1940.
“Discussion of Professor Loewenberg’s paper: ‘What is Empirical?’”, May, 1940. Institute Research. (p.32)

“Is Whitehead’s Psychology Adequate?” The Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, 1941.

“The History of the Philosophy, Psychology and Education at Lehigh University”, onion skin copy. Seven pages long written somewhere between 1939 and 1942 when Hughes retired emeritus form the University.


Box 4

Following material received from Liz Clark, on Feb. 17, 2009:

Notebook: Spiral binder; 23 x 15 cm. Printed on: “Lehigh” and Lehigh University seal. The Supply Bureau.” Drafts of articles; mostly in pencil, 1930-1946?

Manuscripts and typescripts of writings on philosophy.

More mss. and typescripts (mostly typed on onion skin paper) related to philosophy and education.

 “Sport”. The Journal of Health and Physical Education. Vol. IX, No.4, April 1938.

Scrapbook: Warren Journal, Apollo Journal columns, 1946-1947.

Newspaper clippings related to Thomas Hughes and Protestant Episcopal Church (Church of the Resurrection); John Dewey and honorary dinner for Percy Hughes; Lehigh University night school; Belvidere, Oxford Farm Pond (N.J.); Hazen (N.J.) estate and planting 50,000 trees. (1932-1949)

Liz Clark’s research notes. Photocopies from Lehigh Faculty Meeting Minute Books and Course Catalogs (1916-1922) related to Prof. Hughes.


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