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Leslie Hunter Whitten, Jr. Papers (con't)

Series III. REPORTER (Boxes 47 to 114)

Box 47: "Washington Post" Clippings

Box 48: "Washington Post" Clippings

Box 49: "Washington Post" Clippings

Box 50: Articles and Research

Box 51: More Hearst Material

Box 52: Miscellaneous

(The material in the following boxes is arranged using the same terms Whitten used. There is no date order in this material, although some of the correspondence is dated.)

Box 53: Accuracy in Media

Box 54: American Association of Retired Persons; Banks

Box 55: Animals; Consumers

Box 56: Legal Investigations

Box 57: Legal Investigations

Box 58: Legal Investigations

Box 59: Department of Defense

Box 60: Department of Defense

Box 61: Drugs

Box 62: Energy; Farms; Guns

Box 63: Foreign

Box 64: Foreign

Box 65: Foreign

Box 66: Foreign

Box 67: Health

Box 68: Indians

Box 69: Insurance

Box 70: Intelligence Agencies

Box 71: Oil

Box 72: Hunt Oil Company

Box 73: Patents; Payola; Pensions

Box 74: Financial Conflicts

Box 75: People

Box 76: People

Box 77: People

Box 78: People
(This box contains material pertaining to a man named Jamake Highwater, alias Gregory Marks Markopoulos, an actor and writer.).

Box 79: Politics

Box 80: Politics

Box 81: Politics

Box 82: Politics, Richard Nixon

Box 83: Politics

Box 84: Pollution

Box 85: Pollution, Office of Research and Development; Prisons
(Includes printed reports from the Office of Research and Development.)

Box 86: Power

Box 87: Radiation

Box 88: Smithsonian Institution

Box 89: Religion; Stocks

Box 90: Miscellaneous

Box 91: Miscellaneous

Box 92: Miscellaneous

Box 93: Miscellaneous

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