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2013 OMARS Awards

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is in the process of gathering nominations for the 2013 OMARS student award ceremony scheduled for April 17th at 5:30pm in the Asa Packer Dining Room. You can nominate online OR come to the M-Room and fill out a nomination form. Nominations are due March 22, 2013

Become an OMA Leader

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is currently seeking anyone interested in serving as an OMA Leader in one or more of the organizations/programs sponsored by the office. If you're interested, apply online today!

Welcome to the Office of Multicultural Affairs! Whether you find our office to be your home away from home; a safe space; an area to broaden your horizons; a place to host a program or event; a study area; a place for you to discuss issues on campus; or merely a place to rest and have a bite to eat in between classes, we welcome you to explore, share, learn and be challenged.

Multiculturalism, broadly defined, is the idea that "several different cultures can coexist peacefully and equitably" (WordNet, Princeton University, 2006). At Lehigh, multiculturalism is about recognizing, accepting and celebrating differences within our campus and surrounding communities. The Office of Multicultural Affairs at Lehigh (OMA) believes that by providing a space for students to explore their multiple identities and learn about the backgrounds and experiences of others, we can all create a culture of inclusion and equity here on campus and beyond.

We offer a range of programs,discussions, social events, resources, guest lectures and events to get you started down the path of self-discovery. If you've already started these processes, OMA programs and services can offer ways to increase your knowledge, enhance your skills and deepen your appreciation for diversity.

We are here to help you celebrate your unique contributions to this wonderfully complex society, while recognizing equal value in the contributions of others. Perhaps most importantly, we challenge you to think critically and become leaders in resolving the world's toughest issues related to diversity.

We invite you to become an active member of Lehigh's multicultural family. Got culture?..then BRING it!