Technical Learning Modules

One of the primary goals of the IMI-NFG is to provide learning resources for the glass community. To facilitate this goal, we are preparing video modules on a number of interesting and important glass topics, both at the tutorial level as well as some advanced topics. Included below are listings of more than seventy modules already video taped. Many are ready for viewing and a few others are still in production and will be available shortly. Please share your thoughts with us by answering the evaluation form found at the bottom of this page and in every video page.

I. Semester Length Courses
Optical and Photonic Glasses by Prof. Rui Almeida
There are 39 lectures delivered at Lehigh University in Spring 2005. To see the complete listing of all lectures, please click the link above. Sample Lecture ( #1)
Characterization and Structure of Glasses - A
more advanced series of 26 ninety minute lectures by glass experts from six different universities. Course was delivered Spring 2007 semester. You will need to be logged in as an IMI-NFG portal member to see these links. There is no charge for membership.

II. Tutorial Lectures - Introductory lectures by international glass experts on a variety of glass related topics.
Current Tutorial Video List

III. State of the Art Lectures for the Professional and Grad Student
17th University Glass Conference
- All 16 Invited Talks from the aforementioned conference in Penn State University in June 2005 cover a wide range of topics/areas and all include some tutorial preface.
Fracture & Flow Conference Lectures - The conference was held at Penn State University in October 2005.
Glass Products for the Future: An academic's perhaps naïve, but an out-of-the-box perspective - Prof. Himanshu Jain's presentation at the International Congress on Glass in Strasbourg, France on July 2, 2007.

IV. Other Advanced Topics
Advanced lectures by international and US visitors at Lehigh University

V. Other Learning Modules on Glass
Educational Video and Materials Page -
Listing of videos and other educational material for the students.

Evaluation Form - Please give us your feedback regarding a particular tutorial or educational video by completing and submitting this form. Thank you.

Note: All educational products supplied from this site or distributed otherwise are copyrighted by IMI-NFG at Lehigh University and can be freely used for education but cannot be used for sale or other commercial redistribution.

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