IMI-NFG Research Spotlight

Guang Yang
East China University of Science and Technology

Shanghai, China


From June 1st to November 30th 2007, I was a Visiting Research Scholar with IMI-NFG at Lehigh University. I collaborated with Professors Boon S.Ooi and Himanshu Jain on a research project entitled “Near Infrared Broadband Emission from Bismuth/Dysprosium Co-doped Chalcohalide Glasses”. I also did research on photoinduced optical changes in chalcogenide films. I gained a lot of experience while in Lehigh mainly scientific research experience and life experiences as well.

For the first part, broadband emission at near-infrared observed from the Bismuth doped chalcohalide glass is mainly attributed to the lower valence bismuth ions and the micro crystal in the samples.

Lower quench rate is more suitable to obtain the micro-crystal. Photo-induced optical changes in GexAs45-xSe55 glass series vary from photo-darkening (x=0, 5) to photo-bleaching (x =16, 22, 33). And x =10 is the first glass composition that has shown remarkable photo-stability.

For the second part, I made a lot of friends from various countries namely USA, India, Ukraine, Spain, Czech and Hungary. They not only helped me in conducting my scientific research but also shared their respective culture andd traditions. I remember when we hold a party where people from different countries prepared different dishes. There were different kinds of dishes all over the world. It was the first time for me to see so many kinds of food at one time. My six-month stay left me with very good memories.

I am grateful to IMI-NFG for giving me a chance to do my research in Lehigh University and work with with Prof. Jain and Prof. Ooi.

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