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CHemical Engineering and Environmental Sustainability


Michelle Spicer

Michelle Spicer

Spanish Minor

Final Project: Performed a holistic analysis of wind energy - what makes a success or failure - in the technical aspect as well as social, political, and economic standpoints.

After Graduation: Internship in Costa Rica where she and another student developed a new curriculum for 4th grade environmental science education in a low income town. She also helped run ecotourism programs involving translating, planting trees, and beautifying schools.

Graduate School: M.S., Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University. She studied temperate forest ecology and how planting trees affects forest composition.

Ph.D., Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, in progress. She is conducting research on temperatue and tropical forest succession in Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador.

Selling It: “Professors (and interviewers) really liked the integrated engineering background. We live in a very interdisciplinary world, and I'd recommend just explaining how you have experience both in the engineering and in some other arts/sciences field--it shows that you not only have the basic conceptual background of an engineer but also can communicate and apply your knowledge in another field.”