Alumni Profiles

Bioengineering, religion StudIES, and Bioethics


Danielle Pimental
Dannielle Samano (Pimental)
Final Project: "Case study on the impact of religious views on end of life decision making, and the role that biotechnology plays in exacerbating the problem, but also how it can be used to resolve bioethical dilemmas. Israel was my focus, because religion is so inherently woven in to its culture. In Israel, there exists a moral dilemma with regard to life support: some consider withdrawing treatment murder, but withholding treatment means simply allowing nature taking its course. This put an undue burden on family members who needed to decide in an instant if they should consent to treatment in hopes their loved one would improve."


After Graduation: Manufacturing sector lab technician, and then became an Environment, Health, and Safety Manager.

Currently: Pursuing medical degree at Trinity School of Medicine, on St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Selling It: "Working with various companies and at several different manufacturing plants, one of the biggest hurdles that managers described was that many if not most engineers have a very difficult time communicating effectively with the layperson." "I capitalized on my communication skills and sold them on the fact that I could accomplish the work of two individuals due to my wide knowledge base. In addition, when searching for a job for the first time do not limit yourself to just one specific job title, apply for anything that falls within your knowledge base. I believe that the IDEAS program is not just about the courses taken, instead it allows each individual to develop a new way of thinking. Having an IDEAS degree makes you much more flexible in the positions you qualify for."