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Bioengineering and Biopsychology


Connor Sage
Connor Sage

Molecular Biology Minor

"I was able to pursue my interests in medicine and biological systems while also gaining experience in manipulating these systems using engineering principles. In my opinion, engineering can be a bit dry, there's too many numbers and assumptions; yet, the sciences are too broad and tend to lack direction other than memorize this because someone else deemed it important and you may eventually use it. With the freedom of IDEAS I get to mush these things together in exactly the way I want to, rounding out the extraneous materials from either side and leaving me with a degree tailored to my particular interests."

Currently: University Associated Research Center, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Selling It: IDEAS is so diverse, you can talk about a certain issue from multiple educational backgrounds. Being able to understand everyone on your team clearly is a huge advantage. Also, never forget to mention the seminars. The focus that Best puts on ethics and how to be an ethical scientist/ engineer is something that I think most college students miss. There's quite a bit of value in being able to comprehend the impact of your work on the world.