Google Workspace (G Suite) for Lehigh

The links below will take you to a "single sign-on" page where Students, Faculty and Staff can login to G Suite for Lehigh using his/her Lehigh username(EX: abc123) and password.

Lehigh Core Google Services

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Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc. and file storage
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Create a web site
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Meet / Hangouts

Google Meet (was hangouts) a video collaboration service
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User-managed mailing lists
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NOTE - Slides and Meet have live captioning while presenting (when using Chrome) if you enable it!

Google Account Non-Core Services

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App Maker

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Google Photos

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Non-Core google applications are now available to use with your Lehigh account using single-sign-on, however the Terms Of Service(TOS) for those follow the consumer TOS, rather than the special terms available for Education Customers. Support for non-core services is limited. You may see a warning message that "This account is managed by" when using those services with your lehigh account, which reminds you that the content you place there is tied to your Lehigh account/username. You can login directly from the google login box using your with no password, and clicking login. It will then redirect you to the single-signon page.

Getting Help

Google's help pages will answer most questions, and see our LTS G Suite Help page for tips, news and local help. LTS Seminars about using G Suite are scheduled periodically. Also, see the google website for education and the G Suite Learning Center. If you need additional assistance contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or Check status of G Suite.

Backups and saving your data

As an individual you can selectively download a backup of your information stored on google servers using Google Takeout (google mail, drive/docs, contacts, google plus, lots more). Before you leave Lehigh, please transfer ownership of any shared files to someone else. You may also use Google Takeout Transfer to setup an automated copy of your drive files (minus google photos) and mail messages to a personal gmail account. If you return to Lehigh within 1 year after leaving, your Lehigh google account will be restored.

Lehigh does not make backups of your google data so it remains your responsibility to backup your own data.

Note to Lehigh Alums:
Lehigh Alums may want to move mail to myLehigh, the Alumni Online Community, or a personal account.

Other Information

FAQ: Gmail sending limits in G Suite.

See Known Issues with iOS for oddities with Apple devices.

Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and Google for Education Privacy and Security Information. Google gmail complies with FERPA regulations and you can review their privacy policy or even run a Privacy Checkup to review / update key privacy settings for your account.

Lookup or reset your generated Lehigh google passphrase. This may been needed in rare instances where SSO does not work, but in most cases you should no longer need to use this.