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Christie Altadonna & Kira Gobes

Interactive Storytelling Using LILI Robot

Department: Computer Science / IDEAS
Advisor: Mooi Choo Chuah

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often develop communication skills at different rates than children without ASD. Because of this disadvantage, it’s harder for children with autism to keep up in school, make close friends, and communicate their goals. We want to help develop a solution for a fun and safe environment to assist in enabling these children to develop crucial life skills. Our project utilizes new technologies to make a difference and help children with ASD develop skills to keep them up to speed with their peers. We joined the LILI project at Lehigh University that has been worked on for several years. The LILI (Lehigh Instrument for Learning Interaction) robot has speech recognition abilities and interactive storytelling features. LILI’s goal is to use interactive storytelling with autistic children to help them practice and get comfortable with interactions and communication in an engaging way. Users will be able to play through different stories, talk to the robot, and even design their own stories. As a team this semester, we were focused on creating a more developed user experience and function so that users have more interaction and thus more fun and meaningful experiences with LILI. Through a story building GUI and multiple speaker recognition, LILI’s interactive potential boosts exponentially. These two features we added allow the user to create their own stories to play with LILI, as well as play with others during LILI’s game play.

About Christie Altadonna:
Christie Altadonna is a senior Computer Science and Engineering major and Lehigh University. She is an executive officer of the Women in Computer Science club at Lehigh, and passionate about its cause of encouraging women in the field of computer science. Christie will be graduating this May and begin her career as a software engineer for the global quantitate trading firm Susquehanna International Group in Philadelphia, PA.

About Kira Gobes:
Kira Gobes is a senior pursuing a dual degree through the IDEAS program in Computer Science Engineering with a concentration in Design and minor in Entrepreneurship. At Lehigh, Kira is the President of Society of Women Engineers and is passionate about empowering females in STEM. She is also involved in the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship and is currently working on her own startup project. After graduation, Kira is working for Amazon Web Services in Seattle, WA as an Associate Solutions Architect.