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Robert Voit

Lehigh Event Map

Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Advisor: Brian Davison and John Spletzer

The goal for this project was to create a user friendly web application to display events happening around campus. The primary motivation is to get students more involved around campus through improving awareness of events at Lehigh. Accomplishing this goal required work with relevant web technologies to build an intuitive UI and robust web server. The simple user interface includes a map of Lehigh’s campus, an interactive calendar to choose the date, pins on the buildings where events are occurring, and descriptions of the current events selected. The application uses Google Maps APIs coupled with JavaScript to provide map functionality. The app works by pulling information for events from Lehigh Technical Services, parsing the data into a desired format, and initializing events to be displayed by the app. Other technologies used in this project include HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, Java, and bash scripts. This project received the peer’s choice award for most outstanding senior design project in the computer science department.

About Robert Voit:
Robert Voit is a senior computer science major at Lehigh University. Originally he is from Bethesda, Maryland. Robert’s interest in programming stems from his aptitude for problem solving. He has spent his summers working at naval research facilities around the nation. Some of this work has included database design for storing submarine part information and testing software for a weapon effects development team. He will be moving to the Pacific Northwest after graduation to pursue a career in software development.