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Eric T. Reid

Integrated Tunable III-Nitride Diode Lasers

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisor: Nelson Tansu

Integrated spectrally tunable visible lasers using GaN are built using end gratings formed by a dual growth mode. The dual growth mode can realize either tall- or short-column grating structures integrate-able with GaN optoelectronic devices. The use of the short column grating via the dual growth modes (in a single epitaxy) is envisioned as the method to achieve the tuning of the wavelength in the integrated tunable GaN-based visible lasers applicable for wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) based visible light communication (VLC) technologies. The tall column structure is envisioned for two different applications: broadband visible coherent light sources, or short cavity tunable laser diodes. The lasers have the same ease of tuning as conventional in-plane lasers, but with the capability of a smaller footprint on a photonic integrated circuit. The proposed devices have applications for WDM based VLC attributed to its ability for tuning the emission wavelength precisely in the GaN-based technologies. Additional applications enabled by the devices include: sources for medical imaging or other imaging technologies, sources for optical coherence technologies, and sources for biological and chemical sensing experiments.

About Eric T. Reid:
Eric Reid is a senior studying electrical engineering at Lehigh University, and hopes to pursue his PhD in electrical engineering after graduating. Eric is interested in photonic materials, devices and systems to solve engineering challenges in fields such as energy production and consumption, communications, and medical devices. He is the president of the Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band fraternity and the Lehigh IEEE Student Club.