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Kate Koser

Mobile Wireless Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring

Department: Civil and Environmental and Engineering
Advisor: Shamim Pakzad

The use of mobile wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring (SHM) is an emerging new technology. SHM is the practice of assessing the health or damage state of structures by using technology and algorithms. This developing engineering field helps with the maintenance and safety of structures. Mobile wireless sensors are dynamic sensors that collect vibrational data from structures. The data can then be used in modal system identification. When compared to static sensor networks, mobile sensing networks have various advantages. Mobile sensing networks require fewer sensors to collect vibrational data. Also, mobile sensing networks offer less restricted sampling locations, have reduced setup, and have reduced costs. The practicality and accuracy of mobile sensing networks must be analyzed for long span bridges. The wireless sensors used during experimentation consist of an ISM400 sensor board, an IPR2420 Imote2 and an IBB2400CA battery board. A steel beam was constructed in ATLSS serving as a bridge for the wireless sensors. A network setup on the steel beam consists of parallel lines of belts serving as traffic lanes. Theses belts are connected to a motor to allow sensing carts to move along the span of the beam. Multiple sensor configurations were tested on the beam. Vibrational data collected from the sensors along with position vectors of the sensors are used in modal identification. The modal identification results document the accuracy and feasibility of the mobile wireless sensors.

About Kate Koser:
Kate Koser is a senior at Lehigh University perusing a B.S. in civil engineering with a minor in earth and environmental sciences. Kate worked with Dr. Shamim Pakzad from the spring of 2015 to the summer of 2016 researching mobile wireless sensors in ATLSS laboratory. Along with being involved in research, Kate is a manager at Lehigh’s Taylor Gym and in the National Society of Leadership and Success. Kate plans on perusing a Meng in Structural Engineering after graduation.