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Kan Wu

3D Printed Biopsy Cassettes for Wide-field OCT Imaging of Biological Samples

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisor: Chao Zhou

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

Current practice for pathological diagnosis relies heavily on the histology procedures, which requires multiple steps to prepare the samples and may take several days or up to weeks to obtain the results. It is critical to be able to image and examine the tissues faster, ideally within 10 minutes or less, especially during surgical operations. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has the capability of non-invasive and label-free imaging and thus providing real-time diagnosis of tissue pathological status. In order to validate the accuracy of OCT imaging for cancer diagnosis, a side-by-side comparison of OCT and histology images is necessary. In this project, we developed a specialized specimen cassette to facilitate registration of OCT and histology images from the same tissue sample. The 3D model of the cassette with a clear optical window was created using SolidWorks. Prototype cassettes were 3D-printed using a high resolution 3D printer, Mojo printer. A cover glass was inserted through the optical window of the sample cassette to create a flat surface for OCT imaging. After imaging, the tissue sample, along with the cassette, was fixed in Formaldehyde. Histology slides were prepared from the flattened sample surface and used for histology analysis and direct comparison with OCT imaging. Similar diagnostic features were observed in OCT and corresponding histology images, suggesting the feasibility of using OCT for real-time and label-free tumor imaging in the clinic.

About Kan Wu:
Kan Wu is currently a senior electrical and computer engineering student with a minor in business and a minor in Asian Studies. She is also a member of Global Citizenship Program at Lehigh, working to promote cultural awareness and understanding among the local community. Kan joined Prof. Chao Zhou’s research group in summer 2015, and has contributed to advancing optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging technology for real-time and label free cancer imaging. Besides her academic interest, Kan is also involved in Gryphon Society, LU Diplomats, Rossin Junior Fellows, and International admission. Upon graduation in May, she will work at Lutron Electronics as an International Sales Engineer, applying her technical and engineering background to help Lutron develop the Chinese market.