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Brandon Smith

Robot Navigation Using a Brain-Computer Interface

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisor: Yih-Choung Yu

This project uses an asynchronous brain-computer interface to control a ground-based robot. The interface uses alpha-wave and muscular artifact detection, and gyroscopes to control the target device. Asynchronous design facilitates continuous control of the device, but also includes greater chance of communicating an undesired command. Of the three methods of control, the gyroscopes are most general, while the accuracy of the other two detection methods can be tuned to be more user-specific. With a different target device, a brain-computer interface like the one used here could be used to help grant mobility to certain disabled patients in need of a wheelchair but who would otherwise be unable to use one by themselves.

About Brandon Smith:
Brandon is a junior at Lafayette College from Connecticut and is currently pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Biotechnology/Bioengineering minor.  Since his freshman year, he has been involved with the Brain-Computer Interface Lab under Professor Yih-Choung Yu, working on computer games controlled by an eye-tracking device and navigating ground-based robots by a brain-computer interface.  He hopes to eventually do research and design prosthetic limbs.