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Hannah Maret

Seeded Lateral Epitaxy Rates for Alumina Thin Films: Influence of Substrate and Stress State

Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Advisor: Nicholas Strandwitz

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

Sapphire (α-Al2O3) thin films can have applications as optical and scratch-resistant coatings, as well as in microelectronics. Typical sapphire substrate fabrication requires the material be in the molten state at temperatures above 2000°C. This study examines the crystallization of amorphous atomic layer deposited (ALD) alumina thin films at low temperatures (950-1050°C) by seeded lateral epitaxy. Decoration of the film with sapphire nanoparticle seeds before annealing provides nucleation sites for crystal growth. The growth rate of these grains was observed to be direction dependent according to the orientation of the nanoparticles. We also show the dependence of crystal growth rate on substrate thickness and stress state.

About Hannah Maret:
Hannah Maret is a senior Clare Boothe Luce Research Scholar studying Materials Science and Engineering. She joined Professor Strandwitz’s research group in March 2014. Since then, she has been working on crystallization of ALD alumina thin films and has authored several posters as well as just recently published a paper on the study. Outside of class and research, Hannah is a TA for Applied Engineering Computer methods and also a grader. In her free time, her interests include piano, glassblowing, skiing, and being outside. This summer Hannah will be interning at Apple in Cupertino before heading to grad school to earn a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in the fall.