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Kyle Lupo and Jadon Sargeant

On the effective length of fluttering finite-length pipes

Department: Integrated Business & Engineering
Advisor: Justin Jaworski

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

The primary and secondary stability behaviors of a flexible tube without prestrain are examined experimentally by a Starling resistor, where the flow rate and transmural pressure can be varied. During flutter oscillations, only a fraction of the flexible tube is found to participate in the oscillations. This effective length for pipe flutter has been examined thoroughly for infinite length tubes but has not been previously demonstrated by experiments or in the context of finite-length tubes. New measurements demonstrate that in tubes of finite-length an effective length exists and is inversely proportional to both flow rate and box pressure in the flutter regime. The corresponding flutter frequency is proportional to both the box pressure and flow rate in the flutter regime, a trend consistent with previous experimental and theoretical data. These results complement existing solutions derived theoretically for infinitely long tubes.

About Kyle Lupo:
Kyle is a Junior IBE Chemical Engineering major at Lehigh University. Since May of 2015, he has been working under Dr. Jaworski of Lehigh University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. Kyle’s research is centered on the study of fluid flow through flexible tubing, when the tubing is experiencing an external pressure gradient. In addition to his research and academics, he is a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity.

About Jadon Sargeant:
Jadon is a Junior Bioengineering major at Lehigh University. He is pursuing the biomechanics/biomaterials track and a minor in business. This fall, Jadon worked as an R&D Co-op for the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), the world’s largest tissue bank. He works with Professor Jaworski of the Mechanical Engineering Department to study dynamic instability of fluid flow through collapsible tubing. Jadon is also an active member of Lehigh’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and Co-founder of Lehigh’s Disc Golf Club.