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Adam Kafka

App Factory

Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Advisor: Michael Spear

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

This project’s goal is to provide a tool for anyone to create an end-to-end mobile application. Typically, much of the process of creating a mobile app is very tedious and repetitive, so we decided to automate the process as much as possible with App Factory. As of now, the user specifies what data the app will be manipulating, how it will be displayed, and how the user can interact with it, all at a high level of abstraction. Our program converts this schema into a fully-fledged mobile application, consisting of a database, server, and Cordova project. From here, the user can quickly fine-tune the product to fit exactly what they need. App Factory can easily save dozens of man-hours, while producing a highly dependable and consistent product. Future work will be focused on providing a better interface for user input, so even those without a technical background can use App Factory.

About Adam Kafka:
Kafka is a senior at Lehigh University studying computer science in the school of engineering. He is especially interested in the subtopics of Deep Learning and Genetic Algorithms, two branches of Machine Learning. Outside of academics, Kafka is president of the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team at Lehigh. Additionally, he was an orientation leader in his sophomore and junior years. Kafka has a passion for learning that he applies to many topics within science.