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Lauren Haber

Marketing Analytics at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

Department: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Advisor: Aurélie Thiele

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

This research project investigates marketing analytics at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (PSF), currently celebrating its 25th anniversary season. Specifically, we seek to help PSF make the best use of its resources in serving its community of prospective and current patrons, subscribers and donors by investigating quantitative models to improve key performance metrics such as advertising ROI and number of seats sold on subscriptions. We analyze prospects’ aggregate response to the menu of offers presented to them, from single tickets to subscriptions to a varying number of shows to a mix of the above, and study customers’ behavior with respect to subscription renewal and transition across subscription levels. Our goal is to provide analytical tools that can help PSF generate marketing insights to continue producing top-quality theater for years to come.

About Lauren Haber:
Lauren is a senior at Lehigh University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Business and Engineering with a concentration in Industrial and Systems Engineering.  Over the past year, she has taken optimization courses with Professor Thiele whose enthusiasm for the subject has inspired Lauren to delve deeper into the world of data analytics and optimization.  Under Professor Thiele’s guidance, Lauren has been researching and analyzing marketing data for the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.  The thing Lauren enjoys most about data analytics is being able to take a spreadsheet of existing data and make sense of it in order to understand the current state of a system and to conclude what changes can be made to improve that system.  Apart from her studies, she remains actively involved in Alpha Gamma Delta and Best Buddies.