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Brendan Eckardt

Superior treatment of hypersensitive teeth by a novel bioactive glass

Department: IDEAS
Advisor: Himanshu Jain

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

A comparison study was run in order to determine the efficacy of two different bioactive glass powders in treating tooth sensitivity.  NovaMin 45S5 powder supplied by Dentsply was compared to a 70-30 calcium silica nanoporous glass developed at Lehigh.  Samples were evaluated based on occlusion of exposed dentine tubules and duration of the glass layer on the teeth after exposure to acidic environment.  A brushing machine was also made in order to test wear resistance of the glass layer under simulated conditions.  The 70-30 glass powder appeared to offer better coverage of dentine tubules than NovaMin.  Acid tests using samples submerged in Coke at human body temperature showed no change after five and fifteen minutes.  Brush testing was abandoned due to an inability to limit variables to acceptable levels.  It is recommended that a computer-guided rail system be used for both application of glass powder and wear testing in order to limit variation among samples. Future tests should also use imaging software to quantitatively determine occlusion levels.

About Brendan Eckardt:
Brendan Eckardt is a senior year IDEAS major at Lehigh University pursuing a degree in integrated materials science and engineering and chemistry.  Since January of 2014 he has been working under Dr. Jain of the International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass.  Brendan’s research is centered on using bioactive glass powder to create a protective layer on teeth that prevents tooth sensitivity.  In addition to his research and academics, he is an active member of the Lehigh Ultimate Frisbee Club.