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Charlie Drazba and Nicholas Trivelis

Magnetic Surface Scaling Robot

Department: Computer Engineering
Advisor: Michael Spear

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

This research investigates the practicality of a multi-legged robot that can climb magnetic surfaces. The robot utilizes clamp magnet mechanisms, each controlled by a DC motor, to latch onto the magnetic surface. Servo-driven arms pull the body of the robot in desired directions. The structure is composed of predominantly 3-D printed materials, and the entire system is controlled by an Arduino MEGA programmed with motion algorithms. The work presented here falls into two categories: prototyping/testing the hardware and defining/refining the motion control software. The goal of this research is to demonstrate and determine that magnetic surface scaling robots could be an efficient, cost-effective, and safe alternative to human labor when it comes to maintenance in industrial environments, such as: construction sites, high bays, factories, machine shops, and warehouses.

About Charlie Drazba:
Charlie Drazba is a senior computer engineering student at Lehigh University. His main academic interests are in control systems and computer vision. Previously, he has been an undergraduate research assistant in VADER Lab under Professor John Spletzer. While there, he worked on a brain control interface for the smart wheelchair system. After graduation, he plans to pursue an M.S. in robotics.

About Nicholas Trivelis:
Nick Trivelis is a senior engineering student at Lehigh University. He is studying electrical engineering with minors in nanotechnology and economics. Nick’s main areas of interest are bio-inspired robotics, control systems, and space systems. Next fall he will be attending graduate school for an M.S.E. in either robotics or electrical engineering. In addition to his academic pursuits, Nick is a member of the IEEE, the Marching 97, and the Lehigh Philharmonic Orchestra.