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Joachim Amoah

Secure Smart Home Controller for IoT and Robotics

Department: Computer Engineering
Advisor: Mooi Choo Chuah

View: UGRS Research Poster (PDF)

As more and more smart IoT devices emerge in the market place which users can use to turn their homes into smart homes, we need a software platform which allow users to securely control IoT devices remotely. In addition, users would also like to have cameras for video surveillance to protect their individual homes against burglars. Furthermore, users would also deploy intelligent home robots to perform simple house chores. The ability to securely control such robots remotely is equally an interesting feature to have in this software platform.  In this project, we design a low-cost integrated platform with all these desirable features. Such platform uses the BeagleBone Black, as an energy-efficient server which can communicate to IoT devices or robots via Bluetooth or WiFi. Our software also employs secure authentication to ensure that only authorized users can remotely control such smart devices.

About Joachim Amoah:
Joachim Amoah, is a computer engineering junior at Lehigh University whose interests lie in robotics and automation. As just a sample of this interest, he wrote an Android application to remotely control vehicles and devices via bluetooth, xbee, tcp sockets, or socketio. Joachim has also done research and in nuclear fusion simulation, IoT and UVDLP 3d printing. When he is not working on a new project, then he is hanging out with friends.