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Steven Stinson

A Time-Series Analysis of the effect of Protein Flexibility on Binding Cavity Shape"

Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Advisor: Professor Brian Chen

Proteins are complex molecules of which much work has been done in order to find ways to analyze their structure. However, structural analysis of proteins is limited by representations of proteins as rigid structures. In order to provide a more accurate view of proteins as fluid, flexible structures, we run distributed simulations to generate many snapshots of each protein. With this, we will attempt to analyze the differences in structure to see if we can determine any influence on the binding preferences on these proteins.

About Steven:
Steven Stinson is a junior Computer Science major in the P.C. Rossin School of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University. He has been performing research as an independent effort with Professor Brian Chen in Structural Bioinformatics for over a year. This summer he will be interning at Amazon.com, Inc. Steven is seeking careers in software development in the future.