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Guy Gamble and Meltem Ozmadenci

"Hydraulic Cylinder Production Capacity"

Department: Industrial Systems Engineering
Advisor: Professor Emory Zimmers

Company X is a leading producer of hydraulic cylinders and one of their production facilities is located in Bethlehem, PA . The purpose of this 15-month project is to find a solution to our client’s production capacity problem. The forecasts show that by the end of 2013, the company is going to experience a significant increase in customer demand. To be able to meet the extra demand and be profitable for the company, the Bethlehem plant should increase its throughput level by 100%. In order to achieve this goal, the management is considering various capital investments as well as changes in the layout configurations. In this study, we are looking for ways to predict the effects of these investments by using a simulation model. Our model of the as-is state helps us to identify current system bottlenecks and test various resource allocation and order sequencing rules to develop methods to eliminate bottlenecks. The as-is model also serves as a baseline to simulate and compare the system with added resources and/or process changes.

About Guy and Meltem:
Guy Gamble is a senior pursuing an Industrial Engineering degree and a Business minor. He worked at Enterprise Systems Partners as an Associate Consultant from July 2011 until May 2012, at Linde Gas and as an intern from May 2012-August 2012. He studied line flow, performed time studies, and designed factory layouts for potential facilities. He also implemented Continuous Improvement, performed data analysis, and used Six Sigma techniques to solve various factory problems. He is the President of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and represents the senior class as one of three members of the ISE council. He is interested in consulting, manufacturing, supply chain, and industrial application and hopes to find an entry level rotational program in a leadership development role.

Meltem Ozmadenci is a senior pursuing a dual degree in Industrial Engineering and Integrated Degree in Engineering and Arts & Sciences (IDEAS) with a concentration in Design. Meltem became involved with the Enterprise Systems Center (ESC) during her sophomore year and helped with several client projects. Last summer, as an ESC intern, she worked full-time at a Hydraulic Cylinders company and continued working in the same project for her Senior Project Course throughout the fall semester. When she was at Lehigh, Meltem was involved with the Association of International Students, Institute of Industrial Engineers and the INFORMS Society. Among her interests are graphic and web design, and mobile application development.