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Kielan Fedorka and Alex Ratner

"Large Scale Ubiquitous WiFi Mesh Network through Device and Data Proliferation"

Department: Computer Science and Business
Advisor: Professors James Hall and Hank Korth

At some point in their lives, most users of WiFi devices have experienced the annoyance of signal loss, authentication difficulties, or disjointed coverage. As wireless devices permeate homes, work environments, and all aspects of life, the ever present issue of connectivity and data price plagues many consumers. By implementing a novel combination of software techniques through a proprietary application and infrastructural considerations, Vine aims to demonstrate the utility of ubiquitous WiFi networks in any environment chosen for deployment. With immediate goals consisting of medium-scale testing, Vine has detailed several algorithms as well as performed geographic implementability and feasibility studies that will contribute to a more powerful software solution. Furthermore, Vine is pursuing intellectual property protection on several mobile technologies developed in house, including data throttling, congestion balancing, and non-gps based location detection. It seeks to solve connectivity and price issues through the innovative combination of infrastructural considerations and proprietary software.

About Kielan and Alex:
Kielan Fedorka, is a Computer Science and Business junior at Lehigh University, originally from Kailua, Hawaii. He has been working on a startup company called Vine WiFi with Alex Ratner for the past year. The project was inspired by living and working in Prague for a month as a part of the Lehigh Study Abroad program, where he worked at Ernst & Young. The startup is currently working on patent several technologies and seeking out investment funding to push the startup to the next step.

Originally from Westport, CT, Alex Ratner is a junior in the Computer Science and Business program at Lehigh University. Since studying in Prague last summer with a program through Lehigh, he has been working with Professor Korth on creating this company Vine WiFi, Inc. Since Prague, Alex has worked with Kielan on building this company from the ground up and potentially putting it in the hands of consumers in the near future. While abroad, he also interned for Ernst and Young in the IT department writing code to simplify everyday tasks. He is a member of Phi Kappa Theta fraternity and held a position on the executive board.