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2013 Competitors

David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium

Meet the competitors of the 2013 Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Evan AamodtEvan Aamodt
Longboard Truck Optimization
Jason Barry and David Huxley-CohenJason Barry and David Huxley-Cohen
Optimal Control of Plasma Fluctuations in HELCAT Device

Michael Beddow and Matthew TessitoreMichael Beddow and Matthew Tessitore
Phone Analytics for Groundcrew Efficiency
Victoria BerardVictoria Berard
Scalable Biosynthesis of Semiconductor Nanocrystals using an Engineered S. maltophilia Strain
Michael Berger and Ross KaplanMichael Berger and Ross Kaplan
Wireless Electric Dog Leash

Alex BrownAlex Brown
Bioactive Glass-modified Poly(glycerol sebacate) for Bone Tissue Engineering
James Del RossiJames Del Rossi
PV-enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Kielan Fedorka and Alex RatnerKielan Fedorka and Alex Ratner
Large scale ubiquitous WiFi mesh network through device and data proliferation

Guy Gamble and Meltem OzmadenciGuy Gamble and Meltem Ozmadenci
Hydraulic Cylinder Production Capacity
Yehou Michel Davy GnopoYehou Michel Davy Gnopo
Designing stimulus responsive nanoparticles for interrogating the physical chemistry of immunology
Hassan Furqan KhanHassan Furqan Khan
Nutrient Analysis and Removal in the Constructed Sullivan Park Wetland

Nadia KrookNadia Krook
In Vitro Examination of Poly(glycerol sebacate) Degradation Kinetics: Effects of Porosity and Cure Temperature
Amelia LabakAmelia Labak
Modifying the Network of an Aromatic Amine-Cured Epoxy
Isaac LavineIsaac Lavine
Modeling and Simulation of Hydrogen Diffusion and Reaction in Semiconductor Materials

Avi MerskyAvi Mersky
Commuter Rail Level Service Comparisons
Greyson ParrelliGreyson Parrelli
Who is with you on your Disney vacation? An AI Game for Autistic Children
Corrin PimentelCorrin Pimentel
Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Effects on Epilepsy

Brittany Rasmussen and Rebecca SwaszekBrittany Rasmussen and Rebecca Swaszek
Quantitative Models in Healthcare Finance
Steven StinsonSteven Stinson
A Time-Series Analysis of the effect of Protein Flexibility on Binding Cavity Shape
Sicheng WangSicheng Wang
Development of Assistive Technology Using an EEG Headset

Peter WeigelPeter Weigel
Light Extraction Efficiency in GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diode Technology
Sicheng WangKatheryn Yoder
The Aerodynamics of Flying Gyroscopes