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Did You Know: Lehigh Alumni and Sustainable Development

Lehigh alumni are engaged in sustainable development in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

Sunil Misser '88G

As CEO of AccountAbility, a global sustainability research and advisory firm, Sunil Misser '88G advises Fortune 500 corporations, NGOs and governments on mainstreaming sustainability into organizational thinking and practice.

Ellen Iobst '81

As a founding manager and Chief Sustainability Officer for Sunny Delight Beverages Co., Ellen Iobst '81 transformed the firm’s supply chain, improving efficiency and profitability while reducing environmental impact.

Ken Greenberg '58

Ken Greenberg '58 transitioned from chemical engineer to author with his book, Decision Time: Investing in Environmental Sustainability Will Drive Economic Growth.

William Amelio '79

William Amelio '79 and his wife Jamie founded and lead Caring for Cambodia, an NGO that develops educational opportunities and other community resources in some of the country’s most disadvantaged regions.

Lewis B. Stillwell 1885

Lewis B. Stillwell 1885 led the design of the first hydroelectric generating plant at Niagara Falls and patented the “Stillwell regulator” to keep it from overproducing power.