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The newest Rossin Junior Fellows were inducted at Packard Lab on Friday, April 21, 2017. (Photo by Lehigh Engineering)

Honoring faculty and student excellence in engineering

College honors the late Peter C. Rossin '48 in annual celebration of Rossin Fellows and Professors

The Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science honored to its top benefactor in April with it annual ceremony celebrating the accomplishments faculty and students.

The 2017 Celebration of Rossin Professors and Fellows paid tribute to the late Peter C. Rossin ’48 and the Rossin family. Rossin was an entrepreneur in the titanium alloy industry who, with his wife, Ada, established a $25 million endowment for the engineering college in nearly 20 years ago.

The annual event was devoted to the Rossin Fellowship Program, one part of the Rossin's legacy, which recognizes assistant professors, Ph.D. candidates and undergraduate students for their scholarship and academic excellence and for their contributions to Lehigh and the community.

Rossin Professorships honor young faculty members who show significant career potential and a proven ability to reach out to other disciplines. Rossin Doctoral Fellows receive special preparation for careers in academia and research. Rossin Junior Fellows devote themselves to mentorship and service. They have run projects at neighboring Broughal Middle School and at Lehigh’s annual CHOICES events for middle school girls.

Lehigh Engineering Dean Stephen DeWeerth introduced the three new Rossin Professors.

Assistant professor Jonas Baltrusaitis joined the department of chemical and biomolecular engineering in August 2014. Baltrusaitis specializes in the study of renewable catalysis which combines materials development, surface physicochemical processes and nanoscience and their application to sustainable and environmentally conscious energy systems.

Brandon Krick, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics, joined Lehigh in July 2013. Krick studies the fundamental origins of friction, wear, materials deformation, and adhesion on complex surfaces ranging from cells to nanocomposites in environments ranging from space to thousands of feet underwater.

Assistant professor Spencer Quiel, civil and environmental engineering, came to Lehigh in August 2013. Quiel’s research focuses on structural resistance to extreme loads, particularly fire, blast, and progressive collapse. He has experience in the analysis and design of both steel and concrete structures and has worked on projects related to building frames, protective façade systems, and bridges.

This year, Rossin Doctoral Fellowships were granted to 27 Ph.D. candidates, and 29 Rossin Junior Fellows were chosen from the ranks of Lehigh’s sophomore, junior and senior engineering students.

2017 Rossin Doctoral Fellows

  • Suresh Bolusani, ISE
  • Fatma Ayancik Cinoglu, MEM
  • Maryam Daviran, ChBE
  • Jiajun Duan, ECE
  • Rehab Elzeiny, CEE
  • Zachary Farley, MEM
  • Gregory Fishman, MEM
  • Nur Sila Gulgec, CEE
  • Nasser Heydari, CEE
  • Yuan Jin, ECE
  • Evan Koufos, ChBE
  • Melike Kurt, MEM
  • Chenxin Ma, ISE
  • Andres Pajares Martinez, MEM
  • Benjamin Moskowitz, ChBE
  • Mohammadreza Nazari, ISE
  • Afshin OroojlooyJadid, ISE
  • Steven Rodriguez, MEM
  • Nathanael Sallada, BioE
  • Kwami Senam Sedzro, ECE
  • Chelsey Shepsko, CEE
  • Rui Shi, ISE
  • Sajedehalsadat Yazdanparast Tafti, BioE
  • Sahar Tahernejad, ISE
  • Bhavana Valeti, CEE
  • Nathan Wagenhoffer, MEM
  • Ruochi Zhang, ECE

2017 Rossin Junior Fellows

  • Jacob Anderson, CEE
  • Nicole Belisle, BioE
  • Holly Callahan, IBE-ChBE
  • Leah Charash, IDEAS
  • Annaliese Cunniffe, MEM
  • Henry Daly, CompE
  • Troy Egar, ISE
  • Ethan Frohman, IBE-ISE
  • Dom Gargiulo, BioE
  • Nastara Greenberg, ChBE
  • Kristen Hoy, IBE-MEM
  • Qingchuan Hu, CompE
  • Molly Hwang, MAT
  • Rachel Kneessi, ChBE
  • Rachel Lambert, ChBE
  • Brooke Lautt, CEE
  • Rebecca Lentz, ECE
  • Jason Lopez, MAT
  • Brian Luster, IBE-CEE
  • Katherine Medlock, IBE-ISE
  • Evan Mehok, IDEAS
  • Zachary Moser, MEM
  • Sophia Parola, IBE-ISE
  • Saral Patel, BioE
  • Nikhita Shankar, CSE
  • Kristen Silvi, IBE-ISE
  • Athicha Srivirote, CSE
  • Edward Paul Steingraber, MAT
  • Nick Wagner, IDEAS

Story contributions by Chris Quirk and Kurt Pfitzer

May 10, 2017

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