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Lehigh student inventors turn tablets and laptops into BFFs

Matthew Fuchs ‘13G, Adrian Velazquez '13G and Katelyn Noderer '13G, invented SideCar while studying in Lehigh University's master's in technical entrepreneurship. SideCar elegantly and safely links your tablet to your laptop. Noderer is currently working as the Assistant Director of Entrepreneurial Curriculum at Standford University, while Fuchs and Velazquez are currently working to launch their product, SideCar, from the Lehigh Valley.

SideCar is made of a durable and environmentally friendly silicone that securely holds up a tablet and protects both your laptop and tablet from scratches, allowing the user to use a tablet as the second screen for a dual monitor system.  The SideCar is compatible with most Apple tablets (i.e. iPads) and Apple computers, coming in two different sizes for newer and older versions of Apple laptops.

Fuchs and Velazquez, who both also received undergraduate degrees from Lehigh, believe the university's master's in technical entrepreneurship gave them a great foundation to launch their own company. They were both part of the program's first graduating class to finish in May.

Lehigh Professor of Practice Michael Lehman said the program’s first 14 participants are already doing exciting work just a couple of months after graduating. About half have landed jobs where they’re working for startups or in new product development for established companies and the other half are trying to launch their own business ventures like Fuchs and Velazquez, he said.

Last week, Fuchs and Velasquez drove SideCar onto the scene through the online financing website Kickstarter. According to Lehman, the SideCar project is “a great example of how they went through the process of seeing a problem and validating it with customer feedback, and then prototyping it and marketing it and now pushing it out to the broader market."

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