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Lehigh to host "Engineering the Planet" symposium on November 13

Two communities from the Live Lehigh program are collaborating this semester to prepare a public symposium spotlighting the importance of protecting the planet.

The Engineering House, a new group for students of any major that appreciate the value engineering practices and applications in today’s day in age, have teamed up with the Green House community for the “Engineering Our Planet" symposium.

The symposium, set for Wednesday, November 13, will cover topics ranging from the devlopment of new technology, the use of fossil fuels and its effect on climate change and the balance of innovation and the impact on the environment.

The idea for the symposium is the brainchild of mechanical engineering professor Terry Hart.

"Professor Hart has been a great resource and source of inspiration for the Engineering House and Green House communities," explains Lehigh IDEAS major Nick Schan, ’15. "It was [Hart] that encouraged us to look beyond conservation as an approach to slow global climate change, to scientific and technological solutions that could potentially solve the problems."

The symposium is structured to look for technological solution to the problems that we have created, such as climate change. Engineering our planet is not just a matter of developing new technology that is environmentally beneficial but it is also a matter of politics and economics on a global scale.

At the symposium, students will lead discussions across a range of topics and will also include questions and comments from audience members.

The "Engineering Our Planet" symposium and panel discussion will be held Wednesday, Nov. 13 from 7-9 p.m. in STEPS 101.

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